MarkLogic World 2018 Highlights

MarkLogic World 2019

MarkLogic World is a FREE event where hundreds of Architects, Developers, Administrators, and Business Leaders engage and learn about how to simplify data integration and build innovative applications.

You’re not going to want to miss the engaging keynotes, customer stories, opportunities to learn directly from MarkLogic engineers and networking with others in the Developer Community. See you May 14-15 in Washington D.C..

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Why MarkLogic World?

“Meeting with peers, meeting with vendors, and meeting with consulting companies in order to figure out what everybody else is doing and where we might be able to change course just a little bit and do even better.”

MarkLogic World 2018 keynote

Gary Bloom, CEO and President

Watch as Gary Bloom discusses the reasons leading organizations around the world are implementing Operational Data Hubs, and lays out a vision for the future of data management.

Gary Bloom Keynote Video 2018
Pasqua 2018 2
MarkLogic World 2018 keynote

Joe Pasqua, EVP, Products and Global Innovators

This keynote discussion focuses on providing real-world advice from global innovators. Joe Pasqua will talk to leaders in financial services, media and entertainment, and manufacturing industries about their biggest challenges with data integration.

MarkLogic World 2018 Keynote

David Gorbet, SVP, Engineering

What do organizations really want out of their database? In this keynote, David Gorbet continues the MarkLogic journey to a more integrated, better governed, and smarter future.

Gorbet Video 2018
MarkLogic World 2018

Session Recordings

Need to catch up on what you missed at MarkLogic World 2018? We have keynotes and breakout sessions from San Francisco, all available to watch on demand.

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Odh Book New

Operational Data Hubs

You heard from Gary Bloom, David Gorbet and many others about how an Operational Data Hub architecture can help you access and use all of your data. This eBook defines the Operational Data Hub, provides functional specifications of what it should do, and explores use cases of how it is being put in practice today.

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We look forward to seeing you May 14-15 at MarkLogic World 2019 in Washington D.C.


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