Improve Your Data to Improve Your Decision-making

Mission success depends on high-quality, secure, curated data to support production of finished intelligence and enable Artificial Intelligence algorithms. But, it’s hard to keep up with the volume, variety, and complexity of data sources and real world events residing in multiple systems.

Too often a geospatial database plus a spreadsheet becomes the de facto system of maintaining real-time data, leaving analysts to manage and search geospatial features and institutional knowledge in separate locations. This takes too much time – and wastes money.

MarkLogic securely integrates all your structured and unstructured data – including documents, observations, objects, imagery, and tabular information – in real-time and delivers them in geospatial context to support a wide variety of use cases.

Esri map showing geospatial data and its context

Location Analytics for ALL Your Data

Combining a MarkLogic Data Hub with Esri ─ the industry leader in location intelligence ─ gives you the data and tools you need for high-quality analytics.

The MarkLogic Esri Connector enables a real-time, complete, searchable view of geospatial data and its context.


AI Driven Activity Based Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is only as good as the data that powers it.

An AI-based GEOINT platform that combines the MarkLogic Data Hub with Earthcube and Esri ArcGIS securely ingests, stores and manages complex ISR data – and provides automatic event-based alerting within the analysts’ workflow.

Earthcube map showing Bashar AI Assad Airport
Sensing clues map showing areas of illegal poaching

Geospatial Intelligence Saving Wildlife

Dutch NGO Sensing Clues uses smart IoT sensors and MarkLogic to prevent illegal animal poaching.

Data is collected in the field and securely stored and harmonized in the MarkLogic Data Hub ─ providing a real-time searchable 360 view that gives rangers better situational awareness and enables them to react more quickly.

Wer, was, wann und wo?

For more than a decade, customers have relied on MarkLogic to run their mission-critical geospatial applications, even in situations where resources are considered inadequate to process, exploit, and disseminate data.

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