Gartner Cloud DBMS Report Names MarkLogic a Visionary

This webinar features Jeff Grier, Senior Director of Product Development, Mitchell1, Ben Johnson, Director of Product Management, Mitchell1 and our own Matt Turner, CTO for Media & Manufacturing. During the webinar, they’ll cover:

  • Trends of connecting industrial data and the MarkLogic ODH pattern
  • How Mitchell1 mapped out the entire automotive supply chain
  • How to do you lay the foundation of Digital Transformation with a century’s worth of data
  • How Mitchell1 was able to connect data deliver real-time information, tips, trends and answers to their customers, the mechanics in garages
  • Q & A

Helping auto repair experts do their jobs faster and more efficiently has kept Mitchell1 stay on top of their game. Join us and hear from Jeff the keys to using technology to respond to your customer needs and company goals.

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