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A new architecture pattern called the Operational Data Hub helps to greatly reduce technical debt and streamline the data integration process. Learn more in this eBook.
This webinar will explore how leading Fortune 500 companies are using the MarkLogic Data Hub to integrate their data faster, with lower cost and less risk.
Datensicherheit hat für Organisationen oberste Priorität. Es gibt eine Vielzahl taktischer Überlegungen, die DevOps und Sicherheitsexperten bedenken müssen. Aber worauf sollten CIOs, Softwarearchitekten und Unternehmensleiter sich aus strategischer Sicht konzentrieren?
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Eine flexible Datenbankplattform reduziert den Zeit- und Kostenaufwand, um belegbare Daten zu erhalten. Abstract: Erfahren Sie, wie sie Ihre Daten schneller und sicher auswerten können, mit einer Datenbankplattform, die heterogene Daten effizient auswerten kann.
Die Herausforderungen bei der Neukundenlegitimation (Onboarding) im Gesundheitswesen sind heutzutage beachtlich. MarkLogic kann bei der Verbesserung von Initiativen zur Neukundenlegitimation in Unternehmen eine starke Erfolgsbilanz vorweisen.
Innovation in pharma today means faster ‘time to insight’. However, trying to innovate with disconnected, fragmented data is slow, costly and frustrating—for both pharma companies and patients. In this paper, industry leaders weigh in on what’s preventing pharma companies from escaping data silos and a new way forward.
MarkLogic World 2019: Discover how AbbVie adopted, then extended their initial implementations to develop a MarkLogic Center of Excellence (CoE).
MarkLogic World 2019: find out how Amgen has been able to improve re-use and get new value out of data that was previously stagnant and locked in silos.
MarkLogic World 2019: AbbVie discusses the novel aspects of the Ethos suite as well as the MarkLogic-powered knowledge management and search capabilities that enable the functionality.
Listen to this Becker’s podcast with leaders from NTT DATA, MarkLogic, and CentraForce Health to learn how they are partnering to effectively manage data sources to inform intelligent actions.
Discover how a leading biopharmaceutical company created an extensible cloud-based data platform to enable more real-time access to data from across the enterprise.
Join this webinar, presented by Xtalks, as data experts explore the growing challenges and unrealized potential of using real world data for pharmacovigilance. As the volume of data continues to grow, harmonizing, semantic enrichment, and making searchable all of the available data is the first step to detecting relevant signals and exposing critical insights.
In this ISPOR Educational webinar, industry experts discuss how data science and digital data technologies are empowering organizations to overcome data obstacles while transforming the way real world evidence is generated and used.
MarkLogic World 2018 Interview: Hear from Karen Way, Global Solutions Lead for Healthplan Analytics at NTT Data Services, about how her organization works with MarkLogic.
MarkLogic World 2018: Every organization wants to get into production quickly with as little risk as possible. To achieve that goal, the team at Aetna created a MarkLogic Center of Excellence…check out this session to find out more.
MarkLogic World 2018: This session will explore how CHHS is creating a "data movement" across the Agency and share two department's innovative MarkLogic implementations: DMHC implementation of the Office of Financial Review Dashboard and OSHPD Web Transformation Project.
MarkLogic World 2018: Across the healthcare and life sciences industries, there is a lot of talk about innovation. But, what is actually being done that is making a measurable difference? Check out this panel discussion.
Watch this on-demand webinar with RWE & HEOR expert, Anita Burrell and MarkLogic Chief Stratgist, Bill Fox, to learn how a data-centric approach enables organizations to rapidly and securely integrate real world data, reducing the time required to develop real world evidence.
Your consumers expect personalized, automated service on par with their best retail experiences, but your outdated technology is thwarting your digital transformation efforts. Learn how MarkLogic can help you gain a complete view of your consumers, engage with them on their terms, and ensure the accuracy of your provider directories.
M*Modal currently supports over 1,000 hospital systems, thousands of concurrent users, and 36,000 queries and millions of transcription documents each day.
Beim Schema-agnostischen Datenmodell von MarkLogic werden die Daten „eins zu eins“ übernommen. Dazu passt sich das Modell an Veränderungen an, wenn etwa neue Datenquellen eingebunden und Richtlinien oder Vorschriften überarbeitet werden. So können auch enge Zeitpläne eingehalten werden.

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