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MarkLogic Data Hub-Service

Fully Managed Cloud Data Hub

MarkLogic Data Hub Service (DHS) is a fully managed, fully automated cloud service to integrate data from silos. Powered by MarkLogic Server, the service enables agile teams to start integrating and curating data immediately, with no infrastructure to buy or manage.

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MarkLogic Data Hub Software

MarkLogic Data Hub is free, open-source software that runs on top of MarkLogic Server, creating a unified MarkLogic Data Hub Platform.

  • Intuitive UI to ingest and curate data quickly and easily, even for non-technical users
  • Smart Mastering included as part of the curation process, eliminating the need for MDM software
  • Full MarkLogic security capabilities included
  • Supports hybrid cloud deployments for easy migration to the cloud with MarkLogic Data Hub Service


Free and Open Source

Download for free and get started integrating data today.


MarkLogic Server

MarkLogic Server is a multi-model database with both modern NoSQL and trusted enterprise capabilities to power operational, transactional, and analytical applications.

  • Multi-model (JSON, XML, graph) — all with a unified, consistent back-end
  • Built-in search with immediate indexing for fast data access
  • Granular, role-based security
  • Scalable ACID transactions provide data consistency and performance
  • Deploy on-premises, hybrid environments, or any cloud


MarkLogic Server Enterprise


Version mit vollem Funktionsumfang für Produktionszwecke. Abonnementbasiertes Preismodell.

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Version mit vollem Funktionsumfang für Entwicklungszwecke. Bis zu 1 TB an Daten.

Kostenlose Developer Edition

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Erfahren Sie, wie MarkLogic Daten schneller integriert, Kosten reduziert und einen sicheren Datenaustausch ermöglicht.

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MarkLogic APIs provide a tremendous amount of functionality while serving as a software program interface to facilitate interaction.

NodeJS logo

The Node.js Client API is an open-source JavaScript library that allows Node.js developers to get going immediately as they can quickly, easily, and reliably access MarkLogic from their Node applications.


Java logo

Access core MarkLogic database and search functionality. The Java API allows Java developers to get going quickly by using existing libraries, tools, and development environments to build new applications.



MarkLogic connectors provide a convenient option for MarkLogic customers to try additional products and services, as well as provide an easy integration for daily business needs.

PowerBI Connector logo

Easily connect Microsoft Power BI with live MarkLogic data for up-to-date visual analysis and reporting.


Tableau Connector logo

Easily connect Tableau with live MarkLogic data for up-to-date visual analysis and reporting.


MuleSoft Connector logo

The MarkLogic MuleSoft Connector provides easy integration to MuleSoft, delivering data movement and transformation pipelines via MuleSoft Anypoint Studio and Anypoint Design Center flows.


Apache NiFi Connector logo

The MarkLogic NiFi Connector provides easy integration to NiFi and can be integrated with the MarkLogic Java Client API and DMSDK.


ODBC logo

The MarkLogic ODBC Driver is a powerful tool that allows developers to connect with live MarkLogic databases, directly from any applications that support ODBC connectivity.


Java logo

The XML Contentbase Connector (XCC) is an interface to communicate with MarkLogic Server from a Java middleware application layer using the XDBC protocol.



MarkLogic utility libraries and plugins let developers easily create an open platform. It provides the most efficient way to monitor, communicate, and integrate resources.

Image of a database with the MarkLogic chiclet

MarkLogic Content Pump (MLCP) is an open-source, Java-based command-line tool. MLCP provides the fastest way to import, export, and copy data to or from MarkLogic databases.


ml-gradle plugin

A Gradle plugin that can automate everything you do with MarkLogic: deploy an application, add a host, backup a database, stub out a new project, load modules as you modify.


Corb2 logo

CORB is a Java tool designed for bulk content-reprocessing of documents stored in MarkLogic. In a nutshell, CORB works off a list of documents in a database and performs operations against those documents.


Anmeldung zu unserer Live-Demo

Erfahren Sie, wie MarkLogic Daten schneller integriert, Kosten reduziert und einen sicheren Datenaustausch ermöglicht.

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