MarkLogic ingested 4 data sets, implemented search capabilities and element-level security, and demonstrated semantic capabilities—all in six weeks with two developers.”


DTIC has more than 30 data sources consisting of unstructured and structured data, and needed a way to make that information discoverable, shareable, enriched and secure. The organization is using a MarkLogic Data Hub to achieve these goals.

  • Improved discoverability
  • Established highest levels of security in a single system
  • Enriched the data with MarkLogic Semantics
  • Reduced data ingestion time from months to days

Überzeugende Argumente für MarkLogic

In order to deliver critical research to the DoD community and beyond, DTIC is using a MarkLogic Data Hub, leveraging features such as MarkLogic Semantics, Tiered Storage, and MarkLogic Advanced Security. “I don’t think we could have done this with a relational database,” said Andrew.

Erhöhte Sicherheit

DTIC established a 3-pronged approach to security: 1) securing the APIs, 2) securing the data at the document and element level, and 3) encrypting the data.

Reduced Data Ingestion Time

With the MarkLogic Data Hub, DTIC can ingest data in minutes versus the many months it took in the previous system.

Enriched Data

MarkLogic Semantics helps DTIC connect the dots between projects, budgets, reports, agencies and more.

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