If you tried to model a thousand types of things in a relational structure, you would really struggle. With this format and managing the data this way, we could solve a master data management problem that has been challenging me for years.”

Lance Stafford


One of the core MarkLogic use cases is Chevron’s Smart Mastering strategy and execution. Chevron created a 360-degree enterprise view of all of the company’s facilities, equipment, and related information throughout the world. The system delivers reliability and integrity, and allows Chevron to conduct proactive maintenance on facility equipment to reduce risk, downtime, and overall costs.

  • Improved safety
  • Reduced costs of the connected worker and equipment management
  • Enabled field workflow, asset, equipment and facility management
  • Resolved data inconsistencies
  • Established a single, comprehensive, high quality record for each piece of equipment, facility or activity
  • Improved data ingestion and developer coding efficiencies

Überzeugende Argumente für MarkLogic

Chevron selected MarkLogic for its abilities to ingest structured and unstructured data, and search, harmonize and link the data—all quite rapidly. In just three months, MarkLogic delivered a 360 refinery asset management system data discovery platform. “It was done with very quickly, which is kind of unheard of at Chevron,” said Lance.

Boosted Safety

A 360-degree view of equipment and facilities allows Chevron to identify asset aging, degradation and failure issues well before they become unsafe for workers.

Created Efficiencies

Chevron can onboard new data sources in 2-4 weeks, and has reduced developer coding requirements.

Improved Analytics

Chevron can guarantee the quality of its data so data scientists can make definitive decisions.

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