We couldn’t do this with other technologies. We’re delivering these capabilities to our customers in ways that are wickedly performant.”

Derek Debe


AbbVie holds extensive knowledge but that information lived in silos, making it difficult to access for scientists, analysts, marketers and more. Additionally, existing collaboration tools were limited in terms of functionality. AbbVie is resolving both of these challenges with MarkLogic and AWS.

  • Reduced costs by $5M per year in IT project capital costs
  • Improved efficiencies by reducing FTEs in personnel support to less than 10
  • Increased productivity 10-fold
  • Sped time-to-market
  • Boosted security

Überzeugende Argumente für MarkLogic

In addition to powerful performance and agility, AbbVie is leveraging numerous features in MarkLogic, including full content search, keyword indexing and filtering, fast content ingestion and integration, and fine-grained access control.


AbbVie cut IT project capital costs by $5M in one year.

Improved Performance

“MarkLogic serves this information up just in absolute stunning real-time with really high speeds,” said Derek.

Höhere Produktivität

“We are doing 10x more than we used to be able to do,” said Phil Hajduk, Vice President, AbbVie

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