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The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) brings together experts and innovators from the military, industry, government, and academia to share their unique insights on this year’s conference theme: Foresight 20/20: Building a New Digital Ecosystem.

For over a decade, MarkLogic has supported mission-critical messaging systems as a system of record – as well as other data layer programs within the DIA mission space. Our secure, multi-model data platform is uniquely capable of quickly and iteratively ingesting, curating, and linking complex data – and supporting multiple access and use patterns with full provenance and lineage.

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Watch the 2-minute video above to hear how a former DIA employee, Eric Putnam, explains MarkLogic’s concept of the “Smart Data Fabric” with a counter-terrorism use case example.

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Powering Sensing Clues to Prevent Wildlife Poaching

Getting a 360-degree view of their data allows Sensing Clues to see when people are entering restricted areas, enabling them to react more quickly to threats; it also gives them the ability to analyze patterns of activity.


Erfahren Sie, wie Sie mithilfe einer einfachen Beobachtung unterschiedliche Datensätze verbinden und verborgene Verbindungen zwischen Flugzeugen in einem Echtzeit-Geodaten-Feed und einer offiziellen Überwachungsliste aufdecken können.


MarkLogic Data Hub for Defense and Intelligence

The mission of the Defense and Intelligence community requires 24/7 agility and preparedness.

Learn how MarkLogic Data Hub for Defense and Intelligence delivers a complete view of operations and provides access to the right data to the right people at mission-critical speeds.

Was ist MarkLogic?

Every organization requires a complete, 360º view of their data. This can only be achieved by integrating data from silos and making the data unified, actionable, real-time, and governed.

Learn how MarkLogic helps organizations integrate data from silos—removing friction and simplifying every step in the process.

Ihre Daten haben Besseres verdient

For defense and intelligence organizations, access to quality data can make the difference between mission success and mission failure.

Learn how MarkLogic helps organizations integrate structured and unstructured data to deliver critical information at mission speed.

Your Expert Data Partner

Our Defense and Intelligence leadership team will be on-site to discuss how MarkLogic can help you get more value from your complex data, faster. Curious about our Federal deployments, customer successes, and new product capabilities?

Schedule an on-site meeting with us to learn more, and discuss how we can leverage our past experience to support your agency mission.

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