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XML Impacting the Enterprise: Tapping into the Power of XML, Five Success Stories

– March 1, 2009

Today many of the worlds top organizations are using XML servers to solve their toughest information access and delivery challenges. Following are the success stories of five industry leaders who are increasing agility with the help of MarkLogic Server.


A Case of Improving Content Flow – From Storage to Access

– March 1, 2009

Learn how Bowker implemented MarkLogic Server to improve its search capabilities and reach its long term goals for a solid content repository that would grow with the business.


Streamlining Publication Production Processes at Reed Business Information France

– December 1, 2008

A leading business information provider dramatically improves ability to quickly, easily and less-expensively repurpose digital content into innovative new products.


Content-Driven Applications in the Federal Government

– September 1, 2008

See how government agencies are able to improve knowledge management and information sharing, making it easier to complete mission-critical assignments while lowering cost.


Unlocking the Value of Content at Elsevier

– May 1, 2008

Discover how MarkLogic Server enabled medical publisher Elsevier to rapidly ingest enormous volumes of content, and then execute complex, fine-grained queries against it with lightning speed.


Scaling the Content Delivery Problem: The View from Oxford University Press

– July 1, 2006

This case study chronicles one organization’s focus on streamlining its publishing process to facilitate the creation and delivery of new products.