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NY Summit 2012: Big Data Meets eDiscovery

November 29, 2012

Using Smart Search to Reduce Costs for eDiscovery, Investigations, and Compliance

Big Data means huge and growing costs in responding to discovery requests for litigation, arbitration and regulatory investigations. With review costs running to the billions of dollars, corporations are turning to increasingly sophisticated search techniques to pare down the review population. In this session, find out how legal professionals are using Mark Logic’s search and analytics capabilities to reduce review sets, cut down on response risks and save on discovery costs.

Key Take-aways:

  • How MarkLogic allows vast amounts of unstructured information and documents to be correlated quickly
  • Eliminate fulltext search — and discover more
  • Best practices for litigation support

John Tredennick, CEO,
Catalyst Repository Systems

Moderated by Frank Rubino, Director, Customer Solutions, MarkLogic