Meetup: Agile Mastering – A New Approach to Master Data Management

January 30, 2018

McLean, VA

Join our meetup and Q&A on Agile Mastering: A New Approach to MDM where Sara Mazer, Principal Solutions Consultant at MarkLogic, will explain how a new approach to MDM can increase your effectiveness and also explore:

  • The critical components of Agile Mastering
  • Real world examples of integrating data from multiple sources
  • How an Operational Data Hub (ODH) architecture enables Agile Mastering in delivering incremental results much sooner than traditional MDM
  • How using a simplified architecture can use a single, integrated data platform to bring together search, application services, security and more all in one QA’d platform
  • Security that supports operational apps, data access control and data governance
  • Advanced security features such as database encryption, external key management, element-level security and redaction
  • Why unlimited metadata makes it easy to query and audit data