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Media for 2017: The Future Is Here!

There has never been a more important time for trusted valuable content and data, but there has also never been more disruption and uncertainty in the media industry. Here are the key strategies leading media organizations are taking to make the most of their valuable content and data and weather the many unexpected changes.


Customer Data + Content Increases User Engagement & Profitability

The pressure of figuring out how to monetize content for greater profitability — has led media companies to using an untapped asset: Customer Data. Find out how this important source is increasing engagement — and profitability.


Outsell & MarkLogic Celebrate 10 Years of Media Innovation

For the past decade, Outsell has created an annual theme for its signature event. Media and Information Providers have executed on those themes — with MarkLogic.


Between Content and An Ad Is You

ALM created a 360-degree customer view in just four months with MarkLogic (after trying for two years using a relational database). And immediately saw a 600% ROI. Here’s what it means to ALM’s business.


2016 Media Trends: Constant, Unpredictable Change Ahead!

What’s instore for media in 2016? Data-driven publishing for certain — which includes everything about customers — where they are and what they are doing. A wild ride indeed!


Media 2015? Year of the Customer

There is no doubt about it, for media and entertainment companies 2015 was the year of the customer. From professional publishers to mammouth entertainment companies like NBC, presenting “content in context” was a winner with customers.


Live on Enterprise NoSQL – It’s the SNL 40 App!

At the Hollywood IT Summit on May 14, Michael Martin – SVP Product, Technology and Operations, NBC Entertainment Digital – spoke about the unique opportunity his team had to reinvent the way fans interacted with one of the network’s most famous and widely loved shows, Saturday Night Live. To accompany the 40th Anniversary of Saturday […]


Apple Takes a Little ACID with its NoSQL

There was some big news in the NoSQL world with the acquisition of FoundationDB by Apple. When Apple makes a move it always has an impact and this move was no exception. The first reaction was around what I like to think of as the perils of “faux-pen” source. Forbes chronicled the turmoil in the community in […]


Live From Your Phone, SNL App

A couple of weeks ago NBC broke new ground with its free, live stream of the Super Bowl. According to Chris Tribbey of MESAlliance, NBC made it the “biggest event online” with 2.5 million viewers going ‘over the top’ to watch the game online. Live-streaming is part of a bigger trend of people like you […]


The Information Provider Top 5 – in 5 Minutes!

Last December I signed up for the STM Association’s Innovations Seminar Flash Talk. It is one of the toughest presentation challenges out there: 20 slides with an auto advance feature showing each slide for 15 seconds. Designed to break up the usual 45 minute format of a conference, flash talks have the added benefit of […]